Manuel Rico freire 2013


My name is Manuel Rico Freire. Im 3D Generalist and compositor for Film.

Since 1996, I have worked in different fields : TV, commercials, Videogames, Advertising, CG architecture and my big passion: Visual Effects for film.

I´ve founded along my career two companies for the Visual Effects industry:

Founder of AlchemyVFX LTD .primary role: visual effects supervisor The most relevant project on Alchemy VFX was "Juan of the Dead" : about a hundred of shots done for that film with a crew of ONLY 9 Professionals. One year of hard work, and the satisfaction to end in time with extraordinary results.
(From year 2000 to 2003)Founder of Mindfx Digital LTD .primary role: Visual Effects Supervisor.

I am Instructor since 2005 at C.E.A.D.E University as a 3D Teacher .This is a Private University. (Bachelor (Honors) of Science in Communication Sciences.(University of Wales).


- I have worked in almost all departments/areas/roles: Modelling /sculpting, lighting, animation, concept art, texturing/unwrapping, matte painting, compositing/stereo compositing, rendering. Mainly powered by a matter of personal overcoming, instinctive curiosity, and the constant search to feed my knowledge .I can adapt to all kind of situations , new softwares and techniques.

- Highly trained eye for intricate details and realism.

Best Skills:
  • Character/ props Design
  • Art Direction
  • Concept Art.
  • Digital, Traditional Painting & Sculpting
  • Set Design
  • Texture Painting
  • 3D High Resolution Organic Modeling.
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing/Stereo comps.

- Described as creative, dedicated, trustworthy and always eager to improve on my own skills, I wish to be able to contribute to the creative and technical aspects of production seeking to deliver solid results working side by side with the best talents in the industry.

- Defined as good leader, motivating, collaborative , a always seeking solutions to optimize time and obtain the best quality possible. Every project is a challenge, and the best opportunity to offer all my creativity .

- Work closely with all departments and operators, I'm involved dynamically in every terms of VFX production. My Experience over years as a professional in several areas like digital artist, sculptor, animator and compositor among others , helps me to coordinate and solve efficiently all of the VFX evolution process to be more fluently.

- Advanced compositing, Stereo compositing, 3D generalist, knowledge of all the CG pipeline, supervising shootings and finding solutions to optimize time and budget. Calm under pressure.

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